viernes, 25 de junio de 2010


1-Have the skills and knowledge to teaching practice.

2-Identify the skills that possess and those that require further development.

3-Know the plans and curricula, approaches, goals and challenges of the students to learn.


Exist a biggest difference since I began to do practices an now, at the beginning I fell unsure I sometimes lost the control of the group, but now the majority of the time I have the control over the group, this is because I have more experience, and the most important, I am so sure about what I am doing.
I now that this is my vocation, I like to work with adolescents, because all the time you can learn something about them.

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010


When I decided to work the structure was easier, because all the readings were overworked with past tense, so the students identify the way to build this grammatical time.
I only resolve some questions about the use of this time.


A difference with the speaking the writing was a little easy, because their teacher often ask that they write some paragraph about a specific topic, so they used to do it.
Obviously the most difficult was the listening, because they didn`t work with this, and they had problems with follow the reading, I cough their attention for a few minutes, but they began to lost the inters so quickly.


I had been working with this group, so I decided to push them to speak in English, at the beginning was difficult because they are shy. But I gave them the trust to do that. I had a few problems with the pre-listening, because they didn`t know the verbs in past tense, so I helped them to found the verbs. When they new the meaning of the verbs identify the main idea of the text was easy.
The most difficult in this class was that the students speak in English, but when they saw that I didn`t make jock about the pronunciation they had the trust to do that. For me also was difficult because I have to prepare my Vocabulary in order to correct the mistakes of my students.

sábado, 19 de junio de 2010


At the beginning of the class the students should guess each part of the body, because they only knew some of them. In the second part of the class they recognize each part of the body, and the end was easier, because they new the body parts, and with the lottery the refroze they knowledge.


This class was focused on grammar because in the previous class I lost the control of the group, they did not want to work, so I decide to punished them, this class was hart to them because all the time they wrote. It was the result of the previous day, because although I carried games they won’t work. At the end I had good results, because they understood the topic, however the approach was wrong, because I focussed my class in grammar.